not a fan.Small Group Study for Teens

Twenty times in the New Testament, Jesus issued a compelling and challenging invitation to Follow Him. He’s not interested in mere fans. He doesn’t want enthusiastic admirers. He was Completely Committed Followers. Join Kyle Idleman as he encourages teens to examine what it means to deny one’s self and truly follow Jesus.

Not a Fan Small Group Discipleship Study for Teens adapts the original message of Not a Fan to youth in a relevant way. Different than other City on a Hill products, teens will have the opportunity to hear challenging teachings from Kyle Idleman, and watch testimonies from other teens on what it looks like to be a completely committed follower. 

Don’t let the words “Small Group Study” fool you. This kit can be used for weekend programming, summer camps, retreats, or other youth group activities.


> Four teaching episodes presented by Kyle Idleman
> Three testimony episodes shared by young adults who journeyed from “fan” to “follower”
> Comprehensive leader’s guide, which includes detailed plans
> Discussion guides for all seven videos
> Four teaching outlines that aid in preaching/teaching the Not a Fan message
> Data disc with printable art files and electronic versions of the guides listed above

not a fan. Follower’s Journal for Teens

The Not a Fan Follower’s Journal for Teens is a companion resource to the Not a Fan Small Group Discipleship Study for Teens. The journal is a 30-day devotional designed to challenge and grow you on your journey from fan to follower.