Following Jesus is a daily thing

All New—building on the original bestselling book

I am not a fan of Jesus. And if you really want to live out what it means to be a Christian, you shouldn’t be a fan of Jesus either.

Through 75 days of all-new insights, stories, encouragement, biblical truth, and inspiration—using this companion devotional as our guide—we’ll dive deep into each principle from the not a fan book.

The results will be living as a daily follower, not as an occasional fan. And your relationship with Jesus will become more honest, more authentic, and more inspired than ever before.

Each devotional gives you a Scripture verse to focus on, a story or insight that illustrates one of the not a fan principles, and, most importantly, a “Do Something About It” section that helps you with simple ways to put the principles into practice immediately.

This immensely practical and helpful devotional is a perfect daily read for any believer. And in just 75 days, it will help you become not a fan, and a completely committed follower of Jesus.

Choose to become “not a fan” daily.