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  • "Recently I received a Bible Study catalog in the mail with a sample of the book "not a fan." I was four fingers away from tearing it up and throwing it away, but something compelled me to open the cover and read it. In fact I read it three times. Needless to say, I will be buying the book as soon as it is released because my guilty conscience gives me good reason to believe that I am a member of the second group the book refers to in the first chapter. God has blessed Kyle Idleman with the gift of truth. Through the words in the first chapter of Kyle's book, God has given me an answer to one of the most important questions I've ever asked Him: "Why do I feel so empty inside?" --Ida Horsler
  • "I have done a few of the pages in the Journal, and watched some of the tapes. It really has opened my eyes. It has inspired me to seek a TRUE relationship with my Father, and not just be content to be a fan.I didn't even realize that is what I was until I started to ask myself some of the questions that were brought up in some of the videos. Thank you all so much for what you do, and the inspiring way you are bringing the GOOD NEWS to people." --Jaime Miles
  • "My family and I are currently in week 4 of the NOT A FAN series! It has been very motivating and I feel we are all growing closer to the Lord daily! I really enjoy the journal as it helps you to focus on Jesus throughout different points of the day. That was one of our main prayer requests when we started the study and I feel the journal has helped us become more disciplined. Kyle does a wonderful job presenting the material throughout the videos and the journal quotes. I am one of the fortunate people that live in Louisville, Ky and have the opportunity to hear Kyle preach regularly! I was recently re-baptised on Jan. 2 and becoming a Completely Committed Follower is something I strive to achieve! I would suggest this study to any person, no matter where their walk with the Lord may be. God Bless! - NOT A FAN"
    --Aaron Troutman
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  • "Reading @iamnotafan episode five. Love this site and wanted to share..please see and be blessed...barbara"  --@journeytofaith
  • "Amazing first night of small groups for week 1 of @iamnotafan at @seekserveshare yesterday. Over 400 ppl total! Great reports from groups!"  --@action_djackson
  • Pumped and ready to hear @brianwalton bring it for week 2 of @iamnotafan at @seekservershare . Transformation is happening!"  --@action_djackson
  • "Into week three of @iamnotafan and loving it"  --@pastorkent
  • "Finally reach my @iamnotafan of Jesus moment....I am a totally commited follower! Thank you Lord! Thanks 2 Kyle Idleman 4 teaching"  --@reddbonepretty
  • "Reports coming in from @iamnotafan groups...people being transformed from fans to followers...salvation and freedom!"  --@jerrydarkjr
  • "Just purchased @iamnotafan T-shirt. I still believe that the H20 - Journey of Faith series might be the best ever!"  --@Acts1042
"Not A Fan is a book that every Christian should read and regularly re-read. I started to read the manuscript and could not stop until I finished. This is a NOW message for the Church and my hope is that every believer who reads this will become an authentic follower of Christ."
--Christine Caine
Founder, The A21 Campaign and author of Run to Win
"This book disrupts the status quo and challenges readers to follow Christ with greater devotion."
--Mark Batterson
Lead Pastor of National Community Church and author of Soul Print
"Kyle Idleman's Not a Fan is a crucial message for our time. It's a powerful call to commitment and to following Jesus with all our hearts that has challenged me in the best of ways!"
--Jud Wilhite
Senior Pastor of Central Christian Church, Las Vegas and author of Throw it Down
"Jesus never asked us to sit on the sidelines and cheer for his cause. In Idleman's book, Not a Fan, Kyle will challenge you to grow from a fair weather fan to a full-time follower of Christ."
--Craig Groeschel
Senior Pastor of and author of The Christian Atheist
"Kyle Idleman knows where we live and where we could live with God's help.  His words are, at once, profound and practical. He is committed to helping us move in the right direction.  If you need a helping hand in your journey, he'll point you to the right Person."
--Max Lucado
Pastor of Oak Hills Church and author of Fearless
"Not a Fan is truly a cutting edge Bible study that will challenge even the most obedient Christians to re-look at their relationship with Christ. It was a true pleasure to experience this study and examine myself through the lens of a fan or a follower. I highly recommend to individuals and churches everywhere."
--Mike Huckabee
Former Governor of Arkansas and author of Do The Right Thing
"Kyle Idleman is a remarkably gifted preacher, storyteller, and speaker. Not a Fan is an outstanding project that I can only hope will reach a wide viewership and touch many lives."
--Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
"Not a Fan marries the all-too-real life situations that so many of us face with the practical, timeless truths of God's word. It helps us look behind the facade, deep to the heart, in a compelling, believable and timely way. Whether you're kicking the tires of Christianity or have been walking in the faith for decades, these stories, and the messages behind them, will make you stop and think."
--Neal Joseph
Sr. VP of International Development, Compassion International
"I encourage friends to use 'not a fan,' the small group discipleship study for adults. We live in a culture where so many people embrace faith on a minimal basis. In fact, the word, "Christian," has become a minimal term and almost useless. People need to discover the real joy making Jesus Christ fully integral to all of life. This study series will help make it happen."
--Richard L. Gathro, Ed.D.
Dean, Nyack College
"Football has been described as 22 men on the field in desperate need of rest, and 60,000 fans in the stands in desperate need of exercise.  In the spirit of Trueblood and Bonhoeffer, Not A Fan challenges believers to get out of their seats, strap on the gear and get in the game.   Not A Fan is not for the faint of heart… it’s for those who want to join a company of the committed, and to obey what they claim to believe."
--Rev. Jon Kulaga, Ph.D.
Provost, Asbury University
"Not A Fan is one of the most novel and engaging small group studies I've ever seen.  I love how real life, situational drama is used via an 'embedded' teacher to flesh out Biblical truth. Truly unique and compelling."
--Joe Battaglia
President of Renaissance Communications and Chairman, WAY-FM
"It is media like this along with instructional workbooks that will become the outreach tool of the future."
--Darrel Billups
Executive Director, National Coalition of Men's Ministries
"City on a Hill produces the highest quality projects.  Not a Fan is their next offering and should be seen by every church in America."
--Matt Crouch,
CEO of Generation Entertainment




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